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  About us
  Welcome all to "The Insurance Cover"
  Insurance for a Better, Brighter Tomorrow !!!
The Insurance cover is exclusively aimed at creating a safe and secure future for you. We, a team of insurance experts in Chennai, render round the clock service to the people from the salaried class to the businessmen and offer quite a wide range of solutions with multi-faceted coverage for life, health, general insurance and so on. We focus on India's premium life insurance company - Life Insurance Corporation of India, who are fully dedicated to the insurance services of our Country for more than half a century.
Generally, everyone is attracted towards high interest yielding investments, but for ensuring economic security of a family, there is no substitute for life insurance. Life insurance is the only means by which one can ensure total protection to one’s family, just in case the family gets orphaned.
Life Insurance Corporation, has indeed, pioneered in adding greater values to its ever expanding clients and we are ever on the forefront with a proud sense of accomplishment of keeping up our commitments.
We always focus on the ‘Customer’ adopting a customer-centric approach keeping their special needs in our mind and trying to surpass them. This we do, by sharing with our new clients, our vast knowledge gathered from our invaluable experiences in serving our clients in the past. We provide them with a diverse range of tailor-made products for their choice, which are considered the best in the industry to provide the most suitable cover to meet the specific requirements of the customer.
A planned life insurance shows one’s concern for their family, that’s why life insurance is popularly known as “A Symbol of Eternal Love”.
After more than two decades of experience in various business lines, and having realized the reality of insecurity faced by thousands, I stepped into the insurance sector. This sector, in addition to providing a challenging and satisfying career, gives me an opportunity to extend a helping hand to people in their plights.
Raamakrishnan .P
I have been working in the insurance sector for close to a decade, with great understanding of insurance products and its functions, provided by LIC of India. I have always been able to suggest a combination of products / policies to meet the varying needs of my clients at the same time keeping their returns at the maximum.
I have always striven to help out people realize the inevitable need of insurance cover and its benefits and have built my own niche in the hearts of many who have taken me as their Professional Guide for the ideal insurance cover.
It is ever my immense pleasure to meet people in different walks of life and instill in them the trust and confidence in LIC cover and am so optimistic to achieve my targets of maximum clients with optimum benefits for their fully secured future. I always uphold the client as a ‘King’, well protected in his own realm of all-round insurance security.
  You plan a Happy Life, We help you realize it !!!
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