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The Insurance cover is exclusively aimed at creating a safe and secured future for you. We, a team of insurance experts in Chennai, render round the clock service to the people from the salaried to the business class and offer quite a wide range of solutions with multi-faceted coverages for life, health, general insurance and so on. We focus on India's premium life insurance company - Life Insurance Corporation of India, who are fully dedicated to the insurance services for more than half a century....
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  • Every Problem in Life has Solution through life insurance
    Why Pension ? BECAUSE..

    * Increase in life expectancy
    * Regular income for the family

  • * Sudden fall in regular income after retirement
    * Increase in cost of living // Medical expenses
    * Joint family is fading away // Absence of traditional support
    * To avoid dependency

  • What… if there is no Pension?
    * Hunt for a job !
    * Depend on children !
    * Live in deprivation !

  • Give the Best to Your Child
    Insurance secure your child's future against any financial crisis.
    * Investments made are benefitted after a fixed amount of time

  • * Marriage, education etc. is covered under Child Plans
    * Tax benefit under section 80C of Income Tax Act 1961

    * A Single Premium Deferred Annuity Solution
    * Invest Rs.4 Lac. Just Once and after 25 years Get Rs.1,67,000/- Every Year for Life Time Plus

  • * Leave a Legacy of Rs.22 Lac. for your next Generation

    * For a Daily Savings of Rs.339 for 25 years Get
    * Increasing risk cover starting at Rs.36 Lacs and growing to Rs.74 Lacs in 25 years.

  • * Risk Cover Rs. 1 Crore for life time thereafter
    * Annual Pension Rs.5.4 Lacs for Life time.

    * Pay Premium for 16 years & Get Twice your yearly premium every year from 17th year for the next 20 years with life time Risk Cover.

    * Pay Annual Premium for 20 years and Get Back
    * More than 3 times of your annual premium in the year 21 to 30

  • * More than 5 times of your annual premium in the year 31 to 40
    * Insurance Cover for 30 years.
    INCOME SHOWER: Save One time and Enjoy Income for 20 years when you retire.

  • * For a One Time Saving of Rs.4.6 Lacs
    * After 15 years you get annual income of Rs.1 lac for 20 years
    * Your life cover starts at Rs.8.34 lac and grows to 13.32 lac in 15 years.

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